[R-SIG-Finance] Query on strucchange package

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Mon Jan 21 10:27:13 CET 2019

Hi There,

I have a query on the usage of breakpoints function in strucchange package.

The example on Page 14 of 69 of the reference manual
<https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/strucchange/strucchange.pdf> for
strucchange package shows this
breakpoints(Nile ~ 1)
where Nile is the time series dataset for which breakpoints are to be

What does this command mean ? Strucchange package is based on Bai Perron
(page 13) Structural break model using linear models. It seems to me that
no other variable is used here.

I am not sure if I have misunderstood the paper or this command.

I would be grateful if someone can explain. Please advise.


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