[R-SIG-Finance] blotter failed to build status

John Kumar rjkft at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 20:46:41 CEST 2017

Hi All,
I am trying to install blotter on R 3.4, but getting 404 error and R forge
page says failed to build (rev. 1749) so unavailable. Anyone know how I can
get an older revision to install from source or some such workaround.

I did try to install from the github page but that led to previously working
code throwing errors they never used to like:

Error in addTxn(Portfolio = portfolio, Symbol = symbol, TxnDate = txntime, 
  Transactions must be added in order. TxnDate (2009-01-12) is before last
transaction in portfolio (1995-01-01)

Thanks in advance

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