[R-SIG-Finance] Help on getSymbols

Dan Mack dmack10 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 9 14:39:07 CEST 2016

Josh,   I have been using the get symbols to bull data from Yahoo via the following code and generally works well.

FromDate = "2002-05-24"
ToDate = "2016-03-17" 

for (i in userInput)
  getSymbols(Symbols=userInput, src="yahoo", from = FromDate, to = ToDate, auto.assign=TRUE, return.class="data.frame")  
My issue is that many times it takes a really long time to complete,  like upwards to 20-30 minutes.  Sometimes the process terminate with an error message.   I am trying to replicate it, but no luck right now it is just running.  The error indicated something about a header being off.
I have a hunch that something is not recognizing the download has completed and can’t terminate the call.

I do notice that when I manually stop the get symbols  call after a short time ( 1-2 minutes) all of my data I asked for will be in the global environment.

This is preventing some automation I would like to do for my models.

Do you have any suggestion on what could be causing this or any solutions?

Thanks  Dan

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