[R-SIG-Finance] need apply.paramset logging

Diego Peroni diegoperoni at vodafone.it
Wed Mar 23 09:48:24 CET 2016

Thanks Brian


On 23/03/2016 09:37, Brian G. Peterson wrote:
> On 03/23/2016 02:46 AM, Diego Peroni wrote:
>> I'm trying to override "apply.paramset" function to define my nested
>> custom "combine" function in it as you suggested to me.
>> I got this error:
>> Error in apply.paramset(qs.strategy, paramset.label = "MACDOPT",
>> portfolio = qs.strategy,  :
>>    could not find function "must.have.args"
>> I've understood that "must.have.args" (and others in
>> quantstrat/R/utils.R) is a local function that is not exported from
>> quantstrat package.
>> Is there a way to pass my custom "combine" function to "apply.paramset"?
>> Or, more in general, how can I override "apply.paramset" without failing
>> with private functions in it?
>> How can I export private functions to use them?
> In either case, you'll have to rebuild the package with your modified 
> function in it or with a modified NAMESPACE file which changes the 
> exports.
> In any event, as I told you yesterday, it would likely be more 
> valuable for you to examine the audit environment created up to the 
> point that apply.paramset's included combine function fails to figure 
> out where your strategy is failing.

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