[R-SIG-Finance] need apply.paramset logging

Diego Peroni diegoperoni at vodafone.it
Tue Mar 22 15:45:19 CET 2016

Brain thanks for your answers!

My strategy take a long time to run because it is "minute" based and 
runs over 6 years.

I've just 100 combinations so it is not the best to reduce nsamples to 
find errors.

If I reduce time range (2 o 3 years) it doesn't fail.

If I run sequentially it take a very long time.

The best solution remains the last you have indicated: "custom .combine 
function that could trap errors".
Does exist some documentation or example to read?


Diego Peroni

On 22/03/2016 09:46, Brian G. Peterson wrote:
> On 03/22/2016 03:37 AM, Diego Peroni wrote:
>> I'm testing paramset combinations with:
>> .....
>> library(doMC)
>> registerDoMC(cores=detectCores())
>> paramsetenv = new.env()
>> results = apply.paramset(qs.strategy, paramset.label = "MACDOPT",
>> verbose = TRUE,
>>                            portfolio=qs.strategy, account=qs.strategy,
>> nsamples=0, audit=paramsetenv)
>> but the procedure returns NULL object with this message:
>> error calling combine function:
>> <simpleError: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors>
>> Is there a way to log threads errors?
>> Or how can I modify "apply.paramset" function to "catch" single
>> simultation error or void result and discard it?
> you're setting
> nsamples=0
> so you have zero results to combine.
> In this case, you told it to run no samples, but I can conceive of a 
> strategy using some MCMC sampler that could fail spontaneously in some 
> circumstances.
> In a more general sense, you could specify a custom .combine function 
> that could trap errors if there was some possibility that your 
> strategy would fail to return a viable result.
> A strategy that runs fine in a single core should run fine in 
> apply.paramset.  A reasonable way to start testing this beyond a 
> single parameterization would be to set a small number of samples, 
> like nsamples=50 and run it with registerDoSEQ() to run it sequentially.
> Regards,
> Brian

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