[R-SIG-Finance] need apply.paramset logging

Diego Peroni diegoperoni at vodafone.it
Tue Mar 22 09:37:26 CET 2016

Hi all,

I'm testing paramset combinations with:

paramsetenv = new.env()
results = apply.paramset(qs.strategy, paramset.label = "MACDOPT", 
verbose = TRUE,
                          portfolio=qs.strategy, account=qs.strategy, 
nsamples=0, audit=paramsetenv)

but the procedure returns NULL object with this message:

error calling combine function:
<simpleError: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors>

Is there a way to log threads errors?

Or how can I modify "apply.paramset" function to "catch" single 
simultation error or void result and discard it?

Thanks in advance


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