[R-SIG-Finance] Tax consideration when calling Return.portfolio

Amod Karve (अमोद) karve.amod at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 23:25:33 CET 2016

Hey All,

 First of all thank you all for the amazing R libraries that you guys have
built. I was playing around with Return.portfolio from the
PerformanceAnalytics package and simulating a simple 50/50 portfolio with
monthly rebalancing. I now wanted to see how the strategy changes if I tax
my gains as they happen during rebalancing. Is there an already known way
to handle this (e.g. if I can specify the tax rate, then I presume a bite
can be taken out at each rebalancing interval if there is a gain).

Thanks for all the help
Amod Karve

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