[R-SIG-Finance] parallel processing

Gambulator Gambulator gambulator at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 01:32:57 CET 2015

I tried to use the parallel core again and I get this error message. Note
that the non-parallel version works fine for me and I am using the
optimization feature.

This is how I call the parallel version:

if( Sys.info()['sysname'] == "Windows" )
} else {


This is how I call the serial version:

if( Sys.info()['sysname'] == "Windows" )

} else {


****************************error message for parallel below:

error calling combine function:
<simpleError in fun(result.1, result.2, result.3, result.4, result.5,
result.6,     result.7, result.8, result.9, result.10, result.11,
result.12,     result.13, result.14, result.15, result.16, result.17,
result.18,     result.19, result.20, result.21, result.22, result.23,
result.24,     result.25, result.26, result.27, result.28, result.29,
result.30,     result.31, result.32, result.33, result.34, result.35,
result.36,     result.37, result.38, result.39, result.40, result.41,
result.42,     result.43, result.44, result.45, result.46, result.47,
result.48,     result.49, result.50, result.51, result.52, result.53,
result.54,     result.55, result.56, result.57, result.58, result.59,
result.60,     result.61, result.62, result.63, result.64, result.65,
result.66,     result.67, result.68, result.69, result.70, result.71,
result.72,     result.73, result.74, result.75, result.76, result.77,
result.78,     result.79, result.80, result.81, result.82, result.83,
result.84,     result.85, result.86, result.87, result.88, result.89,
result.90,     result.91, result.92, result.93, result.94, result.95,
result.96,     result.97, result.98, result.99, result.100, result.101,
result.102, result.103, result.104, result.105, result.106,     result.107,
result.108, result.109, result.110, result.111,     result.112, result.113,
result.114, result.115, result.116,     result.117, result.118, result.119,
result.120, result.121,     result.122, result.123, result.124, result.125,
result.126,     result.127, result.128, result.129, result.130, result.131,
    result.132, result.133, result.134, result.135, result.136,
result.137, result.138, result.139, result.140, result.141,     result.142,
result.143, result.144, result.145, result.146,     result.147, result.148,
result.149, result.150, result.151,     result.152, result.153, result.154,
result.155, result.156,     result.157, result.158, result.159, result.160,
result.161,     result.162, result.163, result.164, result.165, result.166,
    result.167, result.168, result.169, result.170, result.171,
result.172, result.173, result.174, result.175, result.176,     result.177,
result.178, result.179, result.180, result.181,     result.182, result.183,
result.184, result.185, result.186,     result.187, result.188, result.189,
result.190, result.191,     result.192, result.193, result.194, result.195,
result.196,     result.197, result.198, result.199, result.200, result.201,
    result.202, result.203, result.204, result.205, result.206,
result.207, result.208, result.209, result.210, result.211,     result.212,
result.213, result.214, result.215, result.216,     result.217, result.218,
result.219, result.220, result.221,     result.222, result.223, result.224,
result.225, result.226,     result.227, result.228, result.229, result.230,
result.231,     result.232, result.233, result.234, result.235, result.236,
    result.237, result.238, result.239, result.240, result.241,
result.242, result.243, result.244, result.245, result.246,     result.247,
result.248, result.249, result.250, result.251,     result.252, result.253,
result.254, result.255, result.256,     result.257, result.258, result.259,
result.260, result.261,     result.262, result.263, result.264, result.265,
result.266,     result.267, result.268, result.269, result.270, result.271,
    result.272, result.273, result.274, result.275, result.276,
result.277, result.278, result.279, result.280, result.281,     result.282,
result.283, result.284, result.285, result.286,     result.287,
result.288): attempt to select less than one element>

On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Gambulator Gambulator <gambulator at gmail.com
> wrote:

> thanks. I am running the optimization and yeah it is pretty slow so I
> figure that I should put it on more cores. It seems/sounds like it 'd work
> fine on Linux but now that you mention Windows, may be I will give it a
> shot before firing up AWS and go through the pain to make an image and all
> that.
> thx
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Bos, Roger <roger.bos at rothschild.com>
> wrote:
>> Not all of the parallel packages with in Windows, but doParallel is one
>> that does.  Here is how to start it with 3 cores:
>> library(doParallel)
>> cl <- makeCluster(3)
>> registerDoParallel(cl)
>> It will automatically load the foreach package provided you have it
>> installed.  Please see the documentation for foreach for examples.
>> Thanks,
>> Roger
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>> I did quite a bit of googling. it is not clear to me if it works now on
>> Windows or not. it is pretty slow even if I have turned off my
>> debug,verbose or print. any idea?
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