[R-SIG-Finance] IBrokers package: checking order status

ce zadig_1 at excite.com
Fri Jun 26 15:25:16 CEST 2015

order status is sent by TWS . You need to set up a eWrapper function to read them. 
there is an example of ReqExecution in http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/file/n4619486/example.r 
but I couldn't make it work . 
yahoo group twsapi is more active you can ask there but there is not many R programmers there. 

last there is a working example in http://censix.com/downloads.html

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Subject: [R-SIG-Finance] IBrokers package: checking order status


Is there a possibility in the IBrokers package t0 check the
status of orders or executions?

I searched around and found some old posts in this list
which described a reqExecutions function.
But is not documented in the vignette!
Is this function unreliable?

What else can I do the check order status?

Thnaks in advance.

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