[R-SIG-Finance] Portfolio Min Variance Optimisation with Turnover Constraints

Graham Ewen graham.ewen at bluecrestcapital.com
Fri Apr 10 18:54:46 CEST 2015


I am new to using R for optimisation and I am trying to set up a simple portfolio minimum variance optimisation with turnover constraints, but am having some difficulty setting up the problem correctly. I would really appreciate any help. I am trying two approaches one using the Rsolnp library and the other using the the parma library, but am having trouble with both.

Using Rsolnp I am having trouble getting the optimisation to converge, but this may be that the problem is poorly conditioned but please advise if the formulation seems correct.

ineq.fun.turnover <- function (x, sigma, wInit)
  return(sum(abs(x - wInit)))

obj.fun <- function(x, sigma, wInit)

eq.fun <- function(x,sigma,wInit)

tst <- solnp(initWeights, fun=obj.fun, eqfun=eq.fun, eqB = 1.0, ineqfun = ineq.fun.turnover,
             ineqLB = 0.0, ineqUB = 0.2, LB = rep(0,numberOfSecurities), UB = rep(0.1,numberOfSecurities),
             sigma = covarMatx, wInit = initWeights)

Where initWeights is a vector of length numberOfSecurities, and the covarMatx is a covariance Matrix (generated from a factor model) of dimensions numberOfSecurities by numberOfSecurities.

Using parma, I cannot seem to get parmaspec to recognise the turnover constraint inequality functions (using the custom ones in the library), so I am guessing I am using incompatible parameters.... ?

servars = list()
uservars$turnover <- 0.2
uservars$wold <- initWeights

spec2 <- parmaspec(S = covarMatx,  LB = lowerBounds, UB = upperBounds,
                  risk = "EV", riskType = "minrisk",
                  ineqfun = list(ineqfun.turnover.min), ineqgrad = list(ineqjac.turnover.min), uservars = uservars)

It simply tries to solve the QP min risk problem ignoring the turnover inequality.

Thank you,


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