[R-SIG-Finance] RBloomberg package

rex rex at nosyntax.net
Tue Sep 4 03:35:33 CEST 2012

Robert A'gata <rhelpacc at gmail.com> [2012-09-03 18:31]:
>May I ask another question? I pass the installation. But when I try to
>load the package, it keeps saying that Rbdg does not exist which is
>weird to me.
>Just wondering you ran into the same issue? My R version is 2.15.1. Thank you.
>> library(Rbdg)
>Error in library(Rbdg) : there is no package called ‘Rbdg’

Rbdg != Rbbg


>> RBloomberg has been superseded by 'Rbbg' (a quick google search will explain
>> the backstory)
>> You can install the latest version by entering the following command in your
>> R session:
>> install.packages('Rbbg',repos='http://r.findata.org')

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