[R-SIG-Finance] IBrokers : quotes from futures combo and reqIds

Stergios Marinopoulos stergios_marinopoulos at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 17:28:17 CEST 2012

I took Garrett's example and tried to get it working using IBrokers.  It's starts writing data to a file as expected, but then the error below is produced and quote data is no longer written to the file. 

2 1 320 Error reading request:-'wc' : cause - Unable format field - 

Here's the code:

library(IBrokers) ;
tws <- twsConnect(1)
bag <- twsBAG(
        conId = "756733", #conId("SPY"),
        ratio = "1",
        action = "BUY",
        exchange = "SMART"
    )  ,
        conId = "73128548", #conId("DIA"),
        ratio = "1.06",
        action = "SELL",
        exchange = "SMART"
bag.csv <- file("~/bag.csv", open="w")
reqMktData(tws, bag, 

Stergios Marinopoulos

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> In Java, if you create a proper BAG Contract you can use it with reqMktData() or
> reqHistoricalData().  I imagine the same holds true in R as well.  (I can send Java examples if interested.)
> Try using IBrokers twsBAG() function to create a combo contract, and use the returned object as the contract to IBrokers's equivalent of reqMktData() and data should start streaming.

I'm unable to get that to work.  If anyone else can get it to work,
please share your secret.


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