[R-SIG-Finance] Potential bug in quantstrat in how it handles "F" symbol

Sergey Pisarenko drseergio at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:46:26 CET 2012


I have been running a strategy against a large selection of market
symbols and stumbled across of what appears to be a bug in how
quanstrat gets market data in "applyStrategy" method.

The problem lies in the strategy.R file, in the applyStrategy method:

applyStrategy <- function(strategy , portfolios, mktdata=NULL ,
parameters=NULL, ..., verbose=TRUE, symbols=NULL, initStrat=FALSE,
updateStrat=FALSE ) {
        for (symbol in symbols){
            if(isTRUE(load.mktdata)) mktdata <- get(symbol)

The issue here is that get('F') will return FALSE because F is defined
as FALSE in R. This will obviously cause a failure down the road where
market data is read and manipulated.

Perhaps it should be looking in a specific environment instead of
using get against all environments.


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