[R-SIG-Finance] Zoo: na.locf, na.approx behaviour changes between versions 1.6.3 and 1.6.4

Giuseppe Milicia Giuseppe.Milicia at makoglobal.com
Thu Jan 6 14:40:24 CET 2011

> There seems to be referring to two different things here:
> 1. It drops a dimension if the input is a zoo matrix with one column
> and na.rm = TRUE. That is a bug in na.trim.  Its fixed in the
> development version of zoo:

Cheers, I'll wait for the next release then :)

>2. na.trim is used instead of na.omit.  How is this a problem since
>na.locf fills in NAs so there will be no NAs in the result anyways
>unless possibly if you use the new maxgap argument (and in that case
>you don't want certain internal NAs removed)?

No problem at all but as said in point 1, na.trim has a bug and na.omit doesn't. I didn't know whether the na.trim behaviour was a bug or a feature...



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