[R-SIG-Finance] Interest rate

Megh Dal megh700004 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 15:04:16 CEST 2010

Dear all, I need to price some derivatives therefore need the risk free interest rate. Anyways I decided, I will take 1-month LIBOR reported on FT. From this site "http://markets.ft.com/ft/markets/researchArchive.asp?report=OINT&cat=BR" if I select "Choose a Category -->> Bonds & rate" and "Choose a Report -->> International money market rate", for the date july-01, 2010 I get Interest rate quote as "0.46 - 0.24"

Here my question is what is the meaning of this pair of numbers? Are they LIBID & LIBOR (smaller one is LIBOR) respectively?

So for pricing derivative should I take "0.24%" after converting it cont. compounded? Or should I take average of those 2 numbers?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

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