[R-SIG-Finance] R/Finance 2009: Applied Finance with R -- Registration now open

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Feb 24 03:36:41 CET 2009

   R/Finance 2009: Applied Finance with R
   April 24 & 25, Chicago, IL, US
   The first annual R/Finance conference for applied finance using R, the
   premier free software system for statistical computation and graphics,
   will be held this spring in Chicago, IL, USA on Friday April 24 and
   Saturday April 25.

   The two-day conference will cover topics as diverse as portfolio theory,
   time-series analysis, as well as advanced risk tools, high-performance
   computing, and econometrics. All will be discussed within the context of
   using R as a primary tool for financial risk management and trading.

   Assembled to talk over the two days are some of the industry's most
   recognizable authorities within the world of R and quantitative finance.

   R/Finance 2009 is organized by a leading group of R package authors and
   community contributors, and hosted by the International Center for Futures
   and Derivatives [ICFD] at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

   Conference registration is now open. Special advanced registration pricing is
   available, as well as discounted pricing for academic and student

   More details and registration information can be found at the website at  


   For the program committee:

        Gib Bassett, Peter Carl, Dirk Eddelbuettel, John Miller,
        Brian Peterson, Dale Rosenthal, Jeffrey Ryan

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