[R-SIG-Finance] [R-sig-finance] Conponent VaR for some option portfolio

Megh Dal megh700004 at yahoo.com
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Thanks Brian for this reference. Can I have those papers? Atleast some weblinks will also be fine.


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> megh wrote:
> > Can people here please guide me how to calculate
> Componrnt VaR (sensitivity)
> > of an option position, for a portfolio which consists
> of number of stocks
> > and option contracts (put ot call or both). Any
> document, research paper
> > over net is highly appreciated.
> Sorry to be late to this thread.  As others have noted,
> option portfolios are not normally distributed, so you need
> to take skewness and kurtosis into account at least, and
> depending on the complexity of your options portfolio, you
> may need to take the greeks on the options into account as
> well.
> The R package PerformanceAnalytics includes functions for
> computing portfolio component VaR and Expected Shortfall
> using the Gaussian, Cornish Fisher, and Student-t
> approaches.   We've recently published papers in the
> Journal of Risk, RISK, and Computational Finance that
> describe these approaches.  these papers are referenced in
> PerformanceAnalytics, and I would be happy to make them
> available upon request.
> Regards,
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