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Hi Jeff,

With that same dataset of Kafkaz's, if we wanted to compute the mean of
all the 15:30:00 Volume datapoints (there are two here), how would we do
it? The code you give below will perform the 'mean' operation on all
data points falling within each hour, but separate them day-by-day, if
that makes sense.

Would I have to do something like 

mean(x[grep("15:30:00", index(x)), "Volume"])

This works with a POSIXct index, but seems to assume that there is a
character representation for the time index?


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Hi Kafkaz,

Try something like:

period.apply(Vo(x), endpoints(x, 'hours'), mean)

Useful tools from xts that are of interest:

?period.apply, ?endpoints, ?to.period

You can also use aggregate, which on xts objects will call the method
from the zoo package (automatically loaded).


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