[R-SIG-Finance] Trouble using ohlcPlot

Jeff Ryan jeff.a.ryan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 15:54:48 CET 2009

A more flexible tool for financial charts can be had in the quantmod
package on CRAN.

This should accept all common time-series formats, though 'xts',
'zoo', 'fts', and 'timeSeries' may be the most useful choices for all
other things in R at this point in time.


#using the mts with colnames set by you


or barChart(), candleChart(), matchChart()...

Take a look here for examples:



On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 5:27 AM, Neil Beddoe <Neil.Beddoe at mbamfunds.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry about the cross-posting with r-help, I've just found this list.
> I'm trying to create a time series that will work with ohlcPlot:
> mts<-ts(data=c(results$OpenPrice,results$HighPrice,results$LowPrice, results$ClosePrice),c="mts",names=c("Open", "High", "Low","Close"))
> ohlcPlot(mts) fails with: Error in if ((!is.mts(x)) || (colnames(x)[1] != "Open") || (colnames(x)[2] !=  : ...
> is.mts(mts) returns true but colnames(mts) returns NULL.
> I've trawled the archive for an example of using this function to no avail and it's not apparent from the docs what the data needs to look like.  Does anyone have an example of code that will work with this function?
> Thanks
> Neil
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