[R-SIG-Finance] Trouble using ohlcPlot

Michael Zak zakdump at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 13:13:09 CET 2009


You should use rownames() instead of names(). Try this:

mts <- data=c(results$OpenPrice,results$HighPrice,results$LowPrice,  
rownames(mts) <- c("Open", "High", "Low","Close")

HTH, Michael Zak

On 06.01.2009, at 12:27, Neil Beddoe wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry about the cross-posting with r-help, I've just found this list.
> I'm trying to create a time series that will work with ohlcPlot:
> mts<-ts(data=c(results$OpenPrice,results$HighPrice,results$LowPrice,  
> results$ClosePrice),c="mts",names=c("Open", "High", "Low","Close"))
> ohlcPlot(mts) fails with: Error in if ((!is.mts(x)) || (colnames(x) 
> [1] != "Open") || (colnames(x)[2] !=  : ...
> is.mts(mts) returns true but colnames(mts) returns NULL.
> I've trawled the archive for an example of using this function to no  
> avail and it's not apparent from the docs what the data needs to  
> look like.  Does anyone have an example of code that will work with  
> this function?
> Thanks
> Neil
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