[R-SIG-Finance] Using quantmod chartSeries for FRED data

Josh Ulrich josh.m.ulrich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 03:35:23 CET 2008

Hi Brian,

The chartSeries documentation says that it's a "charting tool to
create standard financial charts given a time series like object.
Serves as the base function for future technical analysis additions."

In other words, chartSeries is designed to chart data from stock
markets, futures markets, currency markets, etc.  Paulo's suggestion
works and you could also use the standard xts/zoo plotting

> plot(Delt(M1))
> plot.zoo(Delt(M1))


On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Brian Lee Yung Rowe <brian at muxspace.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using quantmod to download FRED data and would like to view the series
> using the chartSeries function, but I am getting an error.
>> getSymbols('M1', src='FRED')
>> class(M1)
> [1] "xts" "zoo"
>> chartSeries(Delt(M1), type='line')
> Error in sum(poss.new) : invalid 'type' (list) of argument
>> chartSeries(Delt(M1))
> Error in sum(poss.new) : invalid 'type' (list) of argument
> Based on the documentation it seems that this data should be supported:
> "Courtesy of as.xts it can handle any object that is time-series like,
> meaning R objects of class xts, zoo, timeSeries, its, ts, irts, and more!"
> According to ?quantmod, I am using:
>        Version:   0.3-6
>        Revision:  433
>        Date:      2007-06-09
> Is this functionality supported or am I missing something?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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