[R-SIG-Finance] timeDate class query

Yohan Chalabi chalabi at phys.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 23 14:25:11 CEST 2008

>>>> "IS" == "Ian Seow" <ianseow at gmail.com>
>>>> on Fri, 11 Jul 2008 10:39:08 +0800

   IS> Hi, I have a query on the timeDate class in the fCalendar Package.
   IS> I have a large data set of intraday observations (in GMT) containing
   IS> 407,100 POSIXct objects which I want to convert into timeDate objects
   IS> and then view the result in my local time zone ('Asia/Singapore').
   IS> The conversion works fine, however, it seems that timeDate does not
   IS> have 'Dims' and hence does not allow for length(), head() and tail()
   IS> to be performed.

Do you have the latest version of fCalendar?

length(timeCalendar()) works fine with the current version of fCalendar available at CRAN.


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