[R-SIG-Finance] useR! 2008 Dortmund, August 11-14

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sat Feb 9 19:08:59 CET 2008

     This is just to remind you that this year's UseR! conference is
schedule for August 12-14 in Dortmund, with preconference tutorials on
August 11.  For details, see the conference web site
"www.statistik.uni-dortmund.de/useR-2008" (or www.r-project.org ->
News:  UseR! 2008).

PRECONFERENCE TUTORIAL ON "Analysis of Integrated and
Co-integrated Time Series".

       Many of you may be interested to know that Bernhard Pfaff is
scheduled to give a half-day tutorial August 11 on "Analysis of
Integrated and Co-integrated Time Series".  He is working on a second
edition of his 2006 book on that subject.  Whether or not the new 
edition is available in time for this tutorial, many of you will 
appreciate this opportunity to acquaint yourself with some of the most 
recent research results in this area and how they are implemented in R 
and relevant CRAN-packages.


       The deadline for abstract submission and early (discount)
registration is March 31.  I hope we will get enough presentations on 
finance and time series topics to organize separate sessions on 
computational finance and time series analysis.  However, to do that, we 
must have people volunteering to to give relevant talks.

       I hope to see you in Dortmund.

       Spencer Graves

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