[R-SIG-Finance] Simple TWAP Algorithm in R, Part II

Brahm, David David.Brahm at geodecapital.com
Wed Jul 11 20:11:13 CEST 2007

The [-1] in your tapply formula is what associates each spread with the
PRIOR time difference.  If you want to associate it with the NEXT time
difference, just chop off the last element instead of the first.

This function may be handy:
chop <- function(x) rev(rev(x)[-1])

twp <- tapply( diff(pricedata$time), chop(pricedata$spread), sum )

-- David Brahm (brahm at alum.mit.edu) 

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Hi all

I recently posted a question regarding a simple time-averaged
calculation in
R. I have an input data file which is a historical list of prices and

Time                  Bid        Ask
1183480907.042 1.36150 1.36160
1183480919.045 1.36150 1.36170
1183480923.044 1.36150 1.36160

After some data conversion and spread calculations, I use R to calculate
time-weighted average (based on a clever tapply() command graciously
supplied by Patrick Burns):

twp <- tapply( diff(pricedata$time), pricedata$spread[-1], sum )

I can then calculate the time-weighted average by dividing twp by

When I compared my numbers with someone else who had done the
it became apparent that I need to make a slight modification to the
command : the current logic basically computes a running sum as spreads
[S_n] += T_{n} - T_{n-1}, whereas the correct calculation is spreads
[S_{n-1}] += T_{n} - T_{n-1}. In other words, I need to tell tapply()
somehow to offset the spread vector by one. I have fiddled around with
various permutations of tapply() trying to get it to do this, but with
success so far. I guess I could rebase the vector of spreads before
calculating, but this seems like an unecessary hassle. Does anyone out
know how I can get tapply() (or a similar command) to do what I want?


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