[R-SIG-Finance] displaying a traditional stock chart

Armstrong, Whit whit.armstrong at hcmny.com
Wed Feb 14 17:33:46 CET 2007

Thanks for the feedback, Dirk.

Yes R charts are static.  that's really the main problem, and I'd love
to change that, but doing so would likely incite a lot of resistance
from R-core.

Would love to get something going with Qt, but it looks like SVG might
be best for quick solution.  Tony, let me know if I can help.


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> Hi Whit,
> On 13 February 2007 at 09:19, Armstrong, Whit wrote:
> | I was thinking of an R integrated chart.
> But I assume you also both know that the basic R chart is 
> static.  There is no way around that. Hence eg Java as an 
> alternative for dynamic chart widgets.  Do play with iPlots 
> etc example, it is quite nice for the iris example to click 
> on one of the species in a factor barplot and automagically 
> see the colors change in for the matching group in the scatter plot.
> | I assume that that kind of behaviour would require some 
> major changes 
> | to R internals.  Once nice implementation that I've seen which also
> Depends. You can probably also also hack something quickly in 
> RGtk2 (try install.packages("rattle") for a very powerful GUI 
> in RGtk2) that would just refetch / replot in R. Possibly not 
> the quickest solution to run, but possibly the quickest to code.
> | preserves the look and feel of R charts is the Rgl package.
> | 
> | http://rgl.neoscientists.org/gallery.shtml
> I found rgl (which I started to package for Debian as soon as it
> appeared) to be promising, but hard to use.  IIRC Duncan 
> Murdoch recently put another package 'on top of' rgl but I 
> haven't looked at it yet.
> On to mail nb 2 with the reply to Tony's excellent suggestion 
> (and yes, please do make the svg device public)  
> On 13 February 2007 at 11:36, Armstrong, Whit wrote:
> | That sounds interesting.
> [...] 
> | It sounds like something like that would be out of the 
> question with 
> | the SVG device, but for simple operations like zooming in 
> and out, or 
> | highlighting date ranges SVG could be the way to go.
> | 
> | Let me know if you would like to pursue this.
> | 
> | One other solution I have thought about is using 
> Trolltech's Qt 4.2, 
> | which has nice plotting facilities.  Now that it is available on 
> | Windows as well as Linux/Unix it is a viable option. (this 
> pdf has a 
> | simple graphics view in it, page 2) 
> | http://www.trolltech.com/pdf/Qt_42_DS_A4_Web.pdf
> I came the same conclusion and started to dabble with Qt and 
> in particular Qwt (the related non-Trolltech project for 
> scientific widgets).  Qt offers both OpenGL and SVG natively. 
>  But so far, I only played with Qt3 functonality.  
> Dirk
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> Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something. 
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