[R-SIG-Finance] where to obtain T-bill 3 month rate?

Eric Zivot ezivot at u.washington.edu
Wed Nov 15 04:27:51 CET 2006

2 good sources of info are

1. FRED database at the Federal Reserve bank of Kansas City. 
2. www.economagic.com. They have a nice collection of free financial and
economic data.

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Hi all,

In playing with the empirical finance models, we need the risk-free rate. I
am thinking of T-bill 3 month rate.

I've looked at a few webpages, e.g.


But they look complicated... is there a popular place that I can simply
download the T-bill 3 month historical data?

Is there a program in R that can automatically/streamingly pull stock and
T-bill rate data from popular website?

Thanks a lot!

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