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Fri Sep 1 14:41:48 CEST 2006

Hello Victor,

let me answer your questions in turn:

>I have a few questions about Phillips& Ouliaris Unit Root Test 
>of type Pz 
>1) I noticed that critical values given in the article 
>"Asymptotic properties of residual..." by Phillips and 
>Ouliaris are different from those given by R. More presicely - 
>they are swaped with each other. Could explain why?

No, probably you should contact R.More, to clarify the issue.
Incidentally, would it be possible to provide a source for 'R.More';
i.e., to which article, monographie are you referring? 

>2) that question is quite stupid. Can you explain what 
>coefficients for test Pz mean?
>for Pu it is straight-forward -      Var1~ Var2*k1 + intercept 
>+u. and u is tested for having a unit root.
>for Pz there it looks like
>            Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)    
>(Intercept) 0.010013   0.002409   4.156 3.40e-05 ***
>zrV1        0.971824   0.006092 159.536  < 2e-16 ***
>zrV2        0.108994   0.047737   2.283   0.0225 *  
>is it an equation for first differences? like if zrV1 is the 
>first differ for V1 and zrV2 is the first diff for zrV2 then
>k1*zrV1+k2*zrV2+intercept~0   ???

Type 'ca.po' at the prompt and you will see function. Here, you will
find pretty at the beginning of the function's body:
zl <- z[2:nobs, ]
zr <- z[1:(nobs - 1), ] 
and further below:
else if (type == "Pz") {
   test.reg <- summary(lm(zl ~ zr))
hence, the levels of the endogenous variables are regressed on their
first lag. See ?lm for how lm behaves if a matrix/data.frame is on the
left hand side.

>3) and the last question - why for Pz there is an option to 
>use demean="trend" and there is no such an option for Pu?

Well, to be precise: if you call type = "Pz" and demean = "trend" an
error is returned; and here you caught me. The trend 'trd' is not set
properly, you can fix this easily by inserting the line end marked as:
## inserting fix:

    else if (demean == "trend") {
        ari3 <- 3
        model <- "with constant and linear trend"
        trd <- 1:nobs
        res <- residuals(lm(zl ~ zr + trd))
        if (type == "Pu") {
            trd <- 1:(nobs+1) ## inserting fix
            resu <- residuals(lm(z[, 1] ~ z[, -1] + trd))
            test.reg <- summary(lm(z[, 1] ~ z[, -1] + trd))
        else if (type == "Pz") {
            test.reg <- summary(lm(zl ~ zr + trd))

I will send an corrected version of 'urca' to CRAN; thanks for pointing
this out.


>Kind regards,
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