[R-sig-finance] please teachme

jk alte at comcast.net
Tue Mar 28 19:18:55 CEST 2006

jk wrote:

 >  "Also, have you worked through the vignettes associated with the "zoo"
 > package? If no, you might find that quite useful. [Are you aware that
 > edit(vignette(...)) will provide a script file with the R code discussed
 > in the vignette, which can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat while you are
 > working throught the examples line by line, modifying them, etc.? I've
 > found this to be very useful. If you use XEmacs, "edit(vignette(...))"
 >   I've also found the dse bundle and its vignettes very interesting and
 > useful"
 > Dear Sir:
 > do you think you might be willing to provide a specific line i could 
input to th R console to try what you suggest above?
 > it does seem from what you say that if one can do this once, that 
would open the door to apply this tactic for learning.
 > would i type "install" zoo or something like that at the prompt?
 > what might i type to fill in the edit(vignette(...)) prompt with a 
meaningful query (meaningful in that it makes sense and would provide 
some infomation)?
 > this might be good for some of us R beginners as this post of yours 
suggests a shot at a real breakthrough in learning technique.

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