[R-sig-finance] FX Options and Historical Financial Databases

Vivek Satsangi vivek.satsangi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 12:54:13 CET 2006

1. Code: Not myself, no, but I trust you know of the existence of
RMetrics which gives you various support functions that would be
helpful, I imagine.

2. I use factset (which is basically a front end for compustat for my
purposes) and in one case, yahoo. I also use another vendor that I
cannot disclose because my professor is still evaluating them, but
basically they do some transforms of the compustat data with their
propreitary methodology. In each case, the data is in a CSV or Tab
delimited text file, and none of the idiosyncracies of the data do I
deal with in R (I use perl to do the transformations I want, basically
because I am very new to R.)

QUESTION: 3. Which prompts a question: Does anyone know how to call a
COM object from within R? Is it even possible? I know one can call R
as a COM object from VB, C++, what have you, but what about the
reverse? The data vendor supplies us with a COM object that negotiates
their gateway, checks permissions, etc. and it would be very
convenient and perhaps less error prone to call it from R rather than
downloading a CSV, uploading into R, doing a merge, etc.

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> Hi,
> Has anybody written R-code that calculates
> FX option prices?
> Also, I'm curious about what historical databases
> that people are using with R.
> Thanks,
> Will

-- Vivek Satsangi
Student, Rochester, NY USA

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