[R-sig-finance] [offtopic] solving sudoku in R?

Krishna Kumar kriskumar at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 28 01:07:29 CET 2006

Achim thanks for pointing to David's package not being on R-help I 
missed the recent announcement.
Gabor thanks for lpSolve. Any hints ? 

>>What __ON EARTH__  has this to do with R-SIG-Finance ??
>>REALLY, this belongs to R-help and nowhere else!

Martin, Ya it is a very tenuous link but my motivation was to generate ideas. And to get
pointers to R-packages out there. I will try R-help next time. 

David, Thanks for sending me the updated version. I will have a go at 
it. From the preliminary comparison your original
 version is faster my updated version see attached does better and at 
times is blazingly fast but lacks consistency..
As you can see I use random permutations but it still is brute force and 
the search tree is different in any two attempts.
I think it might be worth trying to compare the speed over a set of 
problems with different levels of complexity.

And for what it is worth I have attached a simple sudoku generator.
 > puzzle<-gensudoku(entropy=30)
Generates a puzzle, entropy determines the difficulty.


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