[R-sig-finance] Butterworth low-pass filter

Andy Bunn abunn at whrc.org
Sun Dec 18 18:39:35 CET 2005

Hi r-sig: I tried this on r-help first a few days ago with no hits, so sorry
for xposting....

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Subject: Butterworth low-pass filter

Has anybody implemented code to extract coefficients for a Butterworth
low-pass filter? I know Matlab has it implemented in the signal toolbox. I
want to make use of a 10 point Butterworth low-pass filter for smoothing.

In Matlab the code would look like this:
% Determine the filter coefficients
% Apply the filter to the input
outdata = filter (b,a,indata);

The archives contain similar questions but if somebody responded, they did
it off-list.

Thanks in advance,

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