[R-sig-finance] query string tokens for Yahoo finance site

Schwarz,Paul PSchwarz at gcrinsight.com
Wed Dec 7 18:07:12 CET 2005

I recognize that this question is more Yahoo-related not directly
R-related, but I'm trying to better understand some of the details of
the yahooImport() function. Specifically, I'm looking for the
definitions and documentation for the query string tokens such as "&g="
etc.  Many of the tokens are readily understandable, e.g., &a= and &g=
based on their usage and context. However, I've come across other tokens
such as "&q=" and "&y=" that are less obvious. I'm curious to know where
these tokens are defined and documented? So far I've not been able to
find any documentation online at Yahoo or elsewhere which describes the
details of these query strings. So, I'd appreciate any pointers on where
to look.


Paul Schwarz

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