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Andrew West jgalt70 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 20:41:32 CEST 2005

Useful, yes. Easy for someone unable to learn any
code, probably not. However, if what you want to do
can be done using the R-commmander (Rcmdr) package (a
graphical user interface which does offer cluster
analysis and anova, among other things, from a drop
down menu), then you may not need to write any code.
And Rcmdr will write the underlying code for you, so
you can save it and reproduce your work the next day
without pointing and clicking another 30 times. Still,
even using Rcmdr, when I first started I had to do a
lot of reading and searching to figure out seemingly
simple tasks. It's worth the effort if you think you
will continue to do statistical analysis in the
future, and thus earn a return on you intitial

--- Jan-Paul Roodbol <janpaulr at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm currently doing research into Industry Groupings
> on Stock Exchanges.  Is R useful (and easy to use
> for
> a non-programmer)?  
> I have data of hundreds of shares, 5.5 years,
> monthly,
> for 60 variables.  I want to investigate if the
> industry groupings are indeed homogeneous
> intra-groups, and heterogeneous between groups.  I
> want to check this with some groupings before and
> after reallocation of individual shares or
> regrouping
> because of the International Classification Board
> industry grouping roll-out.  I think I would compare
> means and SDs.  Groupings are fairly small, most
> less
> than 10 shares in each group.  
> I have just started thinking about all of this -
> hope
> it makes some sense at this stage?   
> Is R the right tool for me?
> Thank you in advance
> jpr
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