[R-sig-finance] CGIwithR

ebashi arshia22 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 21:22:04 CET 2005

Dear R users;
I'm trying to use CGIwithR on a linux machine, I have
followed the instructions on the package manual but
still it does not run,
the message that I get is as follows: 
    The requested URL was not found on this server
I used the example trivial, I put trivial.html under
Web directory and trivial.R in cgi-bin directory,
which itself is a subdirectory of Web directory, ( I
have changed the modes of R.cgi and .Rprofile
according to what package says) but i still get
the same message, do you have any tips for me? my
question is that where should for example myscript.R
that is mentioned in the manual, be
placed? (under Web directory or   
under cgi-bin).
besides the path to R and GS, should anything else in
the R.cgi be changed?

many tanx in advance

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