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> good afternoon R-ussers,
> I am looking for means to calculate the transmission rate of a virus.
> Reading trough many articles, i found the martingale methode to be the
> most commen ussed.

When giving citations it is useful to give complete details.

> An article even points me to the exisrence of an R file, that handles
> these estimations.
> It would be the file named :  <  dejong.R  >.
> Now since i could not find this file i hoped it would be implemented in
> the Epi library,
> Yet I did not find anything on calculating Transmission Rates (R0) or
> infection rates.
> Can someone pleas point me to where the dejong.R file may be found, or a
> file handeling this estimations?

A search for the terms 'dejong.R martingale'
points to five documents, the first of which is the most appropriate
(the remainder are about an author Dejong R).

Reading thought the first pdf it indicates that the dejong.R file that
you are interested in does the calculations.  This pdf is hosted as
part of the homepage for Ass Prof Michael Höhle at University of
Munich.  If you traverse to a slightly higher level of his homepage
(http://www.stat.uni-muenchen.de/~hoehle/) you'll see a link to
"Statistical Software". Follow this and you get to what you are after,
which is the fourth item under the Epidemic Modelling.  This is a zip
file that contains the dejong.R file that you are seeking.


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