[R-sig-Debian] Segfault from c2d4u binary of RandomFields

Ege Rubak rub@k @end|ng |rom m@th@@@u@dk
Sat Jan 8 21:40:11 CET 2022

Hi everyone,

For some time the GitHub Action of spatstat.core has been failing due
to a segfault when calling RandomFields (which calls RandomFieldsUtils
which may be causing the acutal segfault):


I tried changing the action to install a source version of RandomField
and RandomFieldsUtils over the binary c2d4u version and the action now
continues smoothly without any segfault:


Does anyone know why the segfault only happens with the c2d4u version
(Michael and Dirk are probably good guesses, but maybe someone else is
listening out there and can take some workload off their shoulders...)

I'm happy to investigate further and produce a more minimal
reproducible example, but I will not go down the rabbit hole for now if
someone already now knows what the problem is and how it should be

A (not so minimal) reproducible example is to install both
RandomFields, RandomFieldsUtils and spatstat.core from c2d4u and then
run the following in R (this segfaults, so consider yourself warned):



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