[R-sig-Debian] problem with `viridis` on Ubuntu 20.04

Samuele Carcagno @@m@c@rc@gno @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Apr 30 01:24:15 CEST 2020

I've hit a bug on Ubuntu 20.04. The issue occurred both with the R 
version that shipped with Ubuntu last week, and it is occurring now with 
the CRAN packages from one of the mirros (deb 
focal-cran40/). The issue occurs whether I use the deb package for 
viridis in the Ubuntu repos, or I install it with `install.packages()` in R.

The issue is that when I call a function from the 'viridis' package 
(e.g. running the first example in the `viridis` vignette: 
R gets stuck indefinitely; the system monitor shows the R process using 
CPU resources but nothing happens at the terminal and I'm also unable to 
stop the function with Ctrl-C.

I did a little digging and simply calling the function `viridis` from 
the `viridisLite` package causes the same problem, execution gets stuck 
at the line:

     cols <- fn_cols(seq(begin, end, length.out = n)) / 255

which is line 177 here: 

I'm dual booting Debian Buster on the same machine and no such issue 
occurs with R 4.0.0 and the same versions of the `viridis` and 
`viridisLite` packages. Also no such issue occurs on Windows 10 or on a 
Mac both with R 4.0.0 and the latest versions of `viridis` and 

I was not sure where should I report the bug, so I thought of asking for 
advice here first.



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