[R-sig-Debian] Cross compile R for ARM target

Samir Mouhoune mouhoune @end|ng |rom o@mo@-group@com
Sun Feb 17 11:40:26 CET 2019

Dear all,

I am currently trying to cross compile R3.5.2  using X86 host  and  trying to cross compile for ARM target (raspberry pi 3 running on  linux system generated  by buildroot).

The problem I am encountering is that the compilation fails because  the current R buildsystem  I trying to execute the R binary generated for Arm arch on the  host X86  computer.

My question is:   Is there  an  R branch supporting cross compilation for ARM target?

Otherwise,  is there pre compiled R dev that I can install on an ARM architecture?

My last question,  can we build R using buildroot or Yocto?  If yes could you send me a link to yocto or buildroot branch allowing to build R?

Thank's in advance for your support 

Best Regards,	

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