[R-sig-Debian] MRutter PPA versioning issue, again

Michael Rutter m@rutter @ending from gm@il@com
Thu Dec 6 21:21:30 CET 2018

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 10:30 AM Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd using debian.org> wrote:
> Michael,
> ESS broke again on my laptop after I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10.  The elpa-ess
> package seems to be provided multiple times, sadly the one with xenial
> (16.04) in its name wins ... and breaks the setup.  I one for cosmic, I had
> one from bionic (18.04), but because the names 'wrapped' the 'x' wins over
> 'b' and 'c'.  We had talked about that in the past, it would really be
> preferably to use numbers.
> I am not sure how to correct this without a rebuild. Fut for starters I think
> you need to look at what gets mirrored because the xenial version should
> probably not be here:
>   http://cloud.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/cosmic-cran35/
> Thanks again for you do here. It's a tremendous help.
> Dirk

Just to follow-up, this has been corrected on the CRAN Ubuntu sites.
The latest version of ESS (18.10) shares the same version number as
Cosmic.  This caused some scripting issues and has been corrected.


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