[R-sig-Debian] Fwd: How to convert R package and dependencies to debian packages?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Apr 22 16:52:34 CEST 2014

On 22 April 2014 at 20:15, Sathish Kumar wrote:
| I need to install R packages in several nodes (10+) in AWS. I wont be able
| to open R shell in each and do install.packages("foo")

You don't have to. I prefer the install.r wrapper (one version is part of littler)
| This will be done using a configuration management tool like Puppet and
| it'll be easier if i can do an apt-get installation of R packages
| automatically.
| I found a list of R debian packages here:
| http://cran.cnr.berkeley.edu/bin/linux/ubuntu/lucid/
| But it does not contain all the packages that i need.
| Is there a way to convert any R package and it's internal dependencies to a
| Debian package similar to the approach used in creating r-cran-*.deb?

You may underestimate how how hard this is but it has been done a few times
as cran2deb.

The best current version is for Debian and at


Don reads this list (I think ...) and may chime in.


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