[R-sig-Debian] Ubuntu cran2deb PPA

Tim Booth tbooth at ceh.ac.uk
Mon Feb 11 13:57:45 CET 2013

Hi Tony,

Yes, this might be a good thing to tackle in Kiel.  How much effort
would it be to do a rebuild against the latest CRAN/Bioconductor
packages?  Could this be done before the meeting so we have up-to-date
source packages to tinker with?



On Mon, 2013-02-11 at 12:44 +0000, Tony Travis wrote:
> On 11/02/13 12:31, Tim Booth wrote:
> > [...]
> > As far as I'm aware, the packages on cran2deb4ubuntu will have been
> > built from a selection of auto-generated sources spat out from cran2deb.
> > There used to be a page where these could be downloaded but I can't find
> > it any more (or am I just going blind?).  Is there somewhere I can snag
> > the source packages used for the PPA?  Should I just download and run
> > cran2deb myself to obtain them?  Also, what's the best way to contribute
> > back to you?
> Hi, Tim.
> The "c2d" that Steffen and me put up on the RINH Beowulf server after 
> the Debian-Med sprint in Travemuende is still there, but has been 
> neglected since I left the University of Aberdeen:
>    http://bioinformatics.rri.sari.ac.uk/cran2deb/
> I could revisit this with you at the Sprint in Kiel if you want?
> Bye,
>    Tony.

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