[R-sig-Debian] running R in batch mode on Ubuntu

Elizabeth Tighe tighe at brandeis.edu
Fri Aug 16 18:45:55 CEST 2013

So, I'm submitting R 3.0.1 jobs on Ubuntu (13.04) using 'R CMD BATCH 
--no-save filename.R &'  (have an alias set to subr='R CMD BATCH --no-save")

and am having a problem of sometimes the process ending without the R 
commands contained in the batch file actually having finished running.

We're running Bayesian models using R2jags jags.parallel and it ends 
during the jags run, so it might be something funky with that package, 
but am curious to know if the general issue of R process ending 
unceremoniously is anything anyone has run into.


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