[R-sig-Debian] ubuntu hardy heron and lme4

Anne York york at zipcon.net
Sun Feb 28 21:38:49 CET 2010

I have R version 2.10.1 (2009-12-14)  installed on Ubuntu HH (version 8.04)

I installed lme4 from the Ubuntu respository. When I executed the library(lme4) 
command, R responds that lme4.so was not found.

I then uninstalled lme4 and tried again from cran. When the program tried to 
compile, there was a message that -llapack could not be found, so the package 
failed to install.

If I execute the following:

york at sasquatch:~$ /usr/bin/R CMD config LAPACK_LIBS

the system responds:


I'm not sure where to go from here.

Is -llapack installed but R can't find it, eg, is there a faulty link 
somewhere?  Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?


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