[R-sig-Debian] rattle installation update

Prof. John C Nash nashjc at uottawa.ca
Mon Feb 8 05:03:50 CET 2010

I have put information on the R-wiki under a new heading "Special Installation Issues" on 
how to install rattle on different Linux distros. At the moment these are all debian 
variants. Much as I wanted to use cran2deb, this is only used for Debian testing (aka 
squeeze at the moment).

Glitches will certainly be observed with the information I have provided -- packages are 
in a state of continual flux. Moreover, I was running VirtualBox virtual machines which 
have their own peculiarities and generated some interesting GTK warnings that do not 
appear to be fatal. However, I believe the "recipes" given are more or less OK and should 
help people to get rattle running.

For Ubuntu Hardy, I even ventured to try a bash script. Seems to work, though not stress 
tested due to time demands.

Notes and corrections -- especially for other distros like Red Hat, SuSe, etc.-- would be 

Thanks to all who made suggestions.


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