[R-sig-Debian] Very general question about Debian...

Vera, Pedro L. pvera at health.usf.edu
Tue Sep 15 14:21:54 CEST 2009

I am currently running R in a Debian-based distro (Antix) and I have been very pleased with the performance. I tried many other distros, including Ubuntu (where I started my linux adventure) but I found that Antix is very fast, very flexible and suited to my needs. There are other fine Debian distros out there, so I think it would be worth exploring other options to Ubuntu.

Currently, I have the option to keep my system rock solid using only stable repos or open it to stable and testing (which introduces some risk). However, in a well-supported distro with a good forum where instability issues are discussed, this is not so much of an issue. You will have to determine your comfort level with the risk.

All in all, I would recommend staying with Debian and testing out other distros to see which one suits you. The advantage of linux is precisely the choices available.

Best of luck.


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Subject: [R-sig-Debian] Very general question about Debian...

Hello ALL!
First, I apologize for sending question that spill-out from the scope of
this list. However, you might be essentially the best informants.

In brief, I am thinking to give second shot to the Debian. Currently I
am using Ubuntu 9.04, but Debian still teases me, so to say. I used to
use Debian testing (Lenny at that time), but when Lenny became stable,
things became very shaky in testing camp. I need Linux/GNU for work. And
R is one of my main tools.

In brief, my question is: Should I stay, or should I go?!? And then: to
which release?

I like Ubuntu, polished and pretty stable, but Debian is its mother-ship
and I was very happy with it until that period of various problems (lost
graphical functionality, wireless, mic crashed and even sound in some
point, etc.). Only if I could reach constant stability and flawless work.

Thanks! Best,

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