[R-sig-Debian] [R] vignette problem

Fernando Mayer fernandomayer at gmail.com
Mon May 25 04:29:38 CEST 2009


maybe this happens because you don't have xpdf installed. You can
install it with

$ sudo apt-get install xpdf

or, use evince (which is the default pdf viewer in Ubuntu). To do this,
change this option in your R session:

> options(pdfviewer = "/usr/bin/evince")

and try again. You may also want to put this line in your .Rprofile file
if you want to keep evince the default for all R sessions from now own.


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On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 20:52 -0500, Erin Hodgess wrote:
> Dear R Debian People:
> I put this on the "big list" too.  I'm having a problem with the
> vignette function.
> > vignette("snowfall")
> sh: /usr/bin/xpdf: not found
> >
> >
> This is on Ubuntu Jaunty jackalope, R-2.8.1
> thanks,
> Erin

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