[R-sig-Debian] Installing R on Debian testing...

tyler tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Mar 19 14:08:41 CET 2009

Petar Milin <pmilin at ff.uns.ac.rs> writes:

> I have posted this question at the R-HELP, general.

This is definitely the place for such questions.

> I recently switched to Debian testing OS and explanation at the:
> http://cran.at.r-project.org/bin/linux/debian/
> is a little bit fuzzy. Can anyone give step-by-step how-to have updated
> R on Debian testing and/or unstable.

If you're already running testing, you don't need to add anything to
your sources.list. All the R packages are there, and they'll be mostly
up to date for the foreseeable future. Generally, when new R versions
and packages are released, they get put into unstable within a few days,
and migrate to testing within a couple of weeks.

You only need to add lines to your sources.list if you run stable, which
doesn't get updated, or if you're running testing close to the time of a
new release. Which is probably 12 to 18 months off at least.

So for now, just install packages as you usually would (aptitude,
synaptic, apt-get, whatever).

Same goes if you're running unstable, except that unstable doesn't get
'stale' during a freeze like testing does. So in either case, R presents
no additional problems beyond regular package management for testing or



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