[R-sig-Debian] R 2.7.0 building with Ubuntu Gutsy

Mark W Kimpel mwkimpel at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 05:53:08 CET 2007

Seeing that the backport to R 2.6.1 has come along nicely, I thought I 
would try to build 2.7.0 on my AMD64 Gutsy laptop. About a month ago I 
tried to build 2.6.0 and failed. I got the binaries running instead.

Not sure why 2.7.0 worked for me this time. I used no special compiler 
flags at all. Obviously my system has downloaded some updates over the 
past month and 2.7.0 is not 2.6.0.

I just thought I would share this for anyone else out there who may be 
curious about 2.7.0, especially with a 64-bit build of Ubuntu.

If there is any specific information that I can share with developers 
that would be helpful, let me know. Just trying to give a little 
something back.


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