[R-sig-Debian] Backport of rkward

Johannes Ranke jranke at uni-bremen.de
Fri Nov 16 11:29:18 CET 2007

Dear list,

I would like to announce the availability of a backport of rkward to 
Debian etch (i386 and amd64). It will migrate to CRAN today. Thanks to
Thomas Friedrichsmeier for developing rkward and for making the backport
just a simple recompile with additional support from Meik Michalke.
Thanks also to Roland Rutschmann for sponsoring rkward for the official
Debian distribution.

Best regards,


Dr. Johannes Ranke                 jranke at uni-bremen.de     Key ID: F649AF90
UFT Bremen, Leobenerstr. 1         +49 421 218 63373
D-28359 Bremen                     http://www.uft.uni-bremen.de/chemie/ranke

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