[R-sig-Debian] GUI for R

Gregor Gorjanc gregor.gorjanc at bfro.uni-lj.si
Mon Oct 9 14:11:55 CEST 2006

Tyler Smith wrote:
>> | >
>> | >    Can you help me, please? I'm not keen on Gnome, any working GUI
>> would
>> | > be fine.
> If you are spending any significant time working in R I would highly
> recommend emacs with ESS. Both are apt-gettable for stable, testing and
> unstable. It does require a bit of time on your part, to run through the
> emacs tutorial and then the basics of ESS. However, once you do that you
> can do just about anything with it.
> I started out with the very basic commands - moving around, cutting and
> pasting from a script into R. Whenever I found I was doing the same
> thing over and over I poked around until I found the emacs way to make
> it easier - Ctrl-a to jump to the beginning of a line, Ctrl-c Ctrl-f to
> send a function from a script into R, Ctrl-c Ctrl-v to open a help
> window etc.
> If you already know how to use emacs then you should run, not walk, over
> to the repositories to install ESS. If you don't know emacs, it might be
> worth learning just for ESS.

I also agree with Tyler. If you do not know Emacs it might be a bit of
overkill from the beginning, however it does pay-off in long term.
Wherever I go I really miss emacs and lately also ESS.

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